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Forex Trading - Peak Forex Trading Market Hours Guide

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Forex Trading - Peak Forex Trading Market Hours Guide Empty Forex Trading - Peak Forex Trading Market Hours Guide

Bài gửi by Admin on Wed Nov 27, 2013 4:36 pm

Timing is very important in forex trading. Forex is a 24 hour market. This makes it difficult for you as a trader to keep track of the market moves all the time. In order to succeed at forex, you need to develop an effective and time efficient trading strategy that capitalizes on those times in the market when you can find the most high probability trade setups. You need to learn when your favorite currency pairs have the widest and narrowest ranges during the day. Let's discuss the different currency market sessions:

Asian Session-7 PM to 4 AM EST

This is the time when the Asian market is active and Tokyo drives the global currency markets followed by Hong Kong and Singapore. Tokyo is one of the most important currency trading center in Asia and is the first to become active in the currency market. Trading volume can vary during the Asian Session. The most important currency pair during this market session is the USDJPY. Large banks, investment banks and institutional investors generate significant USDJPY transactions when they exchange their USD dominated assets into JPY. Japanese Central Bank (JCB) is also a major player in this session as the primary goal of JCB is to keep the USDJPY rate stable.

US Session-8 AM to 5 PM EST

New York is the second largest foreign exchange center in the world after London. Large banks, investment banks, hedge funds, institutional investors and big corporations are active during this time of the day when they have to convert foreign currencies into USD. When the US bonds and equity markets open, large currency transactions take place when many foreign currencies like GBP, CHF, JPY, AUD get converted into USD. Most currencies get quoted in terms of USD. This makes this market session one of the most important sessions in the day. In the beginning, there is lot of movement in the market as most of the currency transactions tend to take place at the start of the day. After 2 PM EST, market activity tends to slow down a little bit as most of the banks and the corporations are done with their currency transaction for the day.

European Session-2 AM to 12 PM EST

London is the largest currency trading center in the world with around 30% of the currency transactions taking place there. This is the most volatile market session of the day. Almost all the large banks have their dealing desks in London. Most of the currency transactions take place during this time. New trends are set in motion by these huge currency transactions.

As a trader, you need to choose the time that best suits you. Your trading strategy should be designed around the best time that suits you. Good Luck!

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